Why I love Vintage

I have always been enamored of the 1950s. I mean is there really a more glamorous period of time? Women were allowed to look like women, not prepubescent boys (which we can thank the 60s and Twiggy for). I find the general silhouette of the 50s to be the most flattering on my body, though I often dip into the 40s and early 60s as well. So for me, the reason I wear vintage clothing is pure vanity! I think I look good in vintage items so therefore I wear them. As an incredibly vain person, I want to look and feel beautiful every single day, and I think there is nothing wrong with this desire. But I also know this isn’t necessarily the number one reason most people wear vintage. Dita Von Teese has mentioned she bought vintage because it looked so much like the couture she always admired but wasn’t affordable to her at the time. Now that she can afford high fashion she wears it quite often.
vintage 3
I imagine there are other reasons for wearing vintage. Of course the cost can be much lower then buying quality modern garments. Plus there is the fact the chances of someone else showing up in the exact same vintage dress is quite small. Some people like the “green” factor of vintage- it isn’t contributing to the growing piles of garbage found across the world. Still others like that much of what they buy has a history behind it, especially when so many vintage garments are handmade! I often wonder who wore the dresses I now own and what their story is
So my question to you ladies is, why do you wear vintage? What is your favorite decade of clothing and why do you feel an affinity for it? I really want to know how you got into vintage and why you choose to wear it. Let’s get an entertaining discussion going in the comments because I am seriously intrigued with this topic.
norma jeans poster

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