Yes ladies, looking good is the best revenge

Is looking good really the best revenge

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Beauty has to come from within and most importantly, a positive perspective will beat all odds. When someone takes advantage of your feelings or plays you like a chess board it is self rewarding to plan out your revenge. So before you hire a hit man or do something you will later regret consider this: The sweetest revenge is the kind that helps you to feel better about yourself. Looking good and having a positive perspective is ultimately the best form of revenge. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good; your attitude changes. With a positive attitude and image, you can conquer the world one ex-lover at a time!


Many successful, powerful and beautiful women have been wronged, cheated on, lied to, taken advantage of or simply dumped. Instead of sulking, these women used their scorned hearts to better themselves with a positive image and outlook. Take Anne Hathaway for example, she made an immediate appearance on the red carpet following her break-up with longtime boyfriend Raffaello Follieri. A week before he was arrested for stealing millions of dollars in a fraud investment scam, she dumped him to protect her image, she had no other choice. He had spent years lying to her and pretending to be someone he was not. Imagine how heartbroken she must have been when he finally told her the truth. In any event, Shortly after Anne had to present herself her in the public spotlight to promote her new film at the time.

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When she was seen on the red carpet immediately following her break-up, she looked stunning. A new haircut, hairstyle, new dress and a glowing smile made everyone forget her heartache; including herself. Ok, well to be fair her eyes tell the story of the heartache Raffaello caused, but she has never looked more beautiful.

Another permanent resident of heartbreak hotel is Jennifer Aniston. After brad dumped her for Angelina she had her share of playboys who both used and abused her. She dated John Mayer, one of LA’s biggest players. Playboys’ always just think about themselves and tend to be very manipulative. It is easy to lose touch of your sensibility and logic when involved with a man like this. However, Jennifer always managed to pull herself together to look fabulous and fashionable. Eat your heart out John and Brad!

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Silda Spitzer made headlines for turning heads with her timeless and classic style and elegance. She stood by her man as he resigned from his post as Governor of New York. He admittedly confessed to frequenting a high end prostitution ring. Her revenge is bitter is a bitter sweet symphony that will play out in due time. Silda shed the shame caused by her husband’s notorious behavior and held her head high at a recent fund raiser benefit. Once she emerged from her self-imposed exile, she looked stunning! Clearly rejuvenated, she sported her new look while mingling amongst friends and some of New York’s elite social crowd.

The bottom line ladies: Looking good is the sweetest revenge and the best way to pick yourself up after Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong. Treat yourself to an Image Consultant or a makeover and do something thoughtful to reward yourself for being a beautiful woman

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