Dressing up in a dressed down world

Dressing up in a dressed down world

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Girl in white cotton dress: Dressing up in a dressed down world

[photo credit: Dominik Martin/Unsplash]

Once upon a time, we used to dress up. We dressed smartly to go grocery shopping, to the movies and to travel, especially when flying. We wore our Sunday best on Sunday.

But now the pendulum seems to have swung wildly the other way. We wear yoga pants everywhere but the yoga studio and sweatpants everywhere but the gym—even pajamas outside the house.

Dressing more casually started as a rebellion against overly formal dressing, and even as a rebellion against overly gender-defined norms. It seems amazing today to think that it once was shocking for women to wear pants.

While we have much to be thankful for with these shifts in style in fashion, sometimes it seems like the shift has gone too far.

If everything is casual all the time, when do we dress up? Can we dress up? Should we?

Why even bother?

To say who we are

“How we dress sends a message about who we are, or at least how we want the world to perceive us. It’s the semiology of clothes. … I subscribe to [the] theory that language is a self-contained system of signs. How we dress is a personal form of language. … How will people respond to [the] image of you, and what assumptions will they make about who you are?”

Tim Gunn, A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style

To honor ourselves

“Dress presentably on a daily basis to honor yourself and those around you. Remember, first impressions are terribly important. … Never save your best clothes for ‘later.’ What are you waiting for?”

Jennifer L. Scott, Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris

Cheryl Fascinators

To add a little glamour and confidence to our lives

“Just think how much more beautiful and pleasant your office, favorite bar, or local Starbucks would be if people ditched the frumpy clothes and grumpy attitudes and instead opted for elegant ensembles and charming manners on any given Thursday.

“Replacing your favorite ‘running around’ sweats with an actual outfit (nothing crazy, think a relaxed, yet chic striped top and great jeans) will make you carry yourself with more composure and confidence. Even wearing a chic or elegant matching set of pajamas at home instead of worn-out yoga pants will make a difference in your attitude.”

George Kotsiopoulis, Glamorous by George: The Key to Creating Movie Star Style

To take control and earn respect

“If you depend completely on others for a sense of self-worth, you’re not just greedy, you’re needy. Style can help foster self-esteem and in turn the kind of confidence that attracts friends, lovers, employers and coworkers into your life. Celebrate every day the person you are, and garner the level of respect you deserve. …

“Style is about creating possibility. It’s about taking passionate, strategic control of your image—not just to dress for a job you may not even have known you were going to want but for oodles of other things you can’t predict for your future.”

Stacy London, The Truth About Style

cheryl and Tara

To bring us joy

“I will love my body as it is today. I will honor it by taking care of it and dressing in clothes that flatter my shape and bring me joy.”

The Fab Mama Style Manifesto

So what does it mean to dress up in a dressed down world?

It doesn’t mean you have to be formal every day. It’s not a return to pearls and heels at the supermarket. It doesn’t even mean you can’t be casual.

It’s about dressing in a way that’s deliberate, with items that are chosen just for you and your lifestyle and your body, ones that make you feel fabulous when you put them on, even if they’re a pair of jeans and a knit top.

As my friend Estella says, we don’t always have to wear our Sunday best, but maybe we can wear our Sunday better.

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The Gemstone Spinel

spinel red

Spinel is most famous for its deep red variety that closely resembles Ruby. These two gemstones can be very difficult to
 distinguish. Until the late 19th century, there was no distinction made between Ruby and red Spinel, as they loo
k identical and are found in the same localities. Many famous old “Rubies” were discovered to be in fact Spinel.
 For example, the enormous “Ruby” that forms the centerpiece of the royal crown of England (the Black Prince’s Ruby)
was actually determined to be Spinel.
Chemical Formula MgAl2O4
Color White, Colorless, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Pink, Purple, Black
Hardness 7.5 – 8
Crystal System Isometric
Refractive Index 1.712 – 1.736
SG 3.5 – 3.7
Transparency Transparent to translucent


Spinel is a gemstone that comes in a variety of colors. Pure Spinel is colorless, but impurities are responsible for the wide range of colors. The most valuable and desirable Spinel color is a deep blood red, though blue, yellow, orange, pink, and purple colors also make fine gemstones. Spinel is often fluorescent in ultraviolet light, and this can be helpful in its identification.

Fine red Spinel is actually rarer than Ruby of equal color. However, its  is an undervalued gemstone, with its cost is about 30% lower then comparable Ruby. The scarcity of good Spinel is the reason for its lack of demand and popularity. Gem Spinel is in very limited supply, and therefore jewelry companies and gem cartels don’t really market this gemstone to the consumer. This inhibits Spinel from being a more mainstream gemstone.

Spinel is easily synthesized, and can be made into any color by adding impurities. Synthetic Spinel is often simulated to replicate many other gemstones such as Diamond, Sapphire, and Zircon. Because of the abundance of synthetic Spinel, one must always be careful only to purchase this gemstone from reputable dealers. Almost all colorless Spinel gemstones are synthetic, as it rarely occurs colorless in nature.

The deep-red variety, often called Ruby Spinel, is the most prized form, and is a very good substitute for Ruby. Spinel is also an important pink gemstone. The opaque, black variety, known as Pleonast, has a good luster and is used as a black gemstone.

Spinel naturally occurs in octahedral crystals. In well-shaped red crystals, gem cutters may even out a crystal into a perfect octahedron. These “crystals” are occasionally be worn in jewelry without any further faceting.

Double Refraction None
Luster Vitreous
Cleavage None, but may exhibit slight parting
Mineral Class Spinel

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