Beautiful Iolite Jewellery , It doesn’t have to be Christmas to give this gift to someone special Norma Jeans’ Closet

Iolite and its Properties

ioliteHealing Properties of Iolite

It is commonly believed that the healing properties of iolite can cure some nervous diseases, even mental disorders of varying severity. Most lithotherapists recommend admiring the stone and its iridescence in lamplight daily for 10-15 minutes.

This practice will help alleviate excessive nervous tension and get rid of unreasonable fears and obsessions. If an insomniac puts any piece with iolite at the head of the bed for the night, it helps them fall asleep quickly and produces beautiful sweet dreams.

Iolite set in silver aids in disinfection of drinking water. By putting the stone into a glass filled with water for the night, you can get a really healthful drink that will grant you with courage and good mood during the day.

IoliteMagical Properties of Iolite

The mineral is a real family peacekeeper. The magical properties of iolite are able to prevent from any family row coming up rather than letting it turn into a serious argument. The stone can ignite the spouses’ passion and save their mutual love protecting it from misconduct.

Iolite benefits all signs of the zodiac; however, Libra, Gemini and Aquarius are especially recommended to wear it.

The mineral can be used as a talisman or amulet. As such it provides its owner with comfortable home life, others’ sympathy, peaceful relationships at work and the superiors’ favor. Besides, the stone can protect its owner from slanderers, enviers and haters.

Iolite earrings and Bracelet made in Israel from the finest Iolite and .925 silver

iolite 4

Earrings $195.00

iolite bracelet

Made in Israel the finest Iolite money can buy and .925 silver $395.00

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iolite 2

Dainty and precious Iolite pendant $125.00

Stunning Iolite pendant with ,925 silver chain $195.00

Beautiful Iolite necklace $295.00



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