Marilyn Montroe’s favourite fragrance was not Channel #5 but we have it in a soap recreated for Norma Jeans’ Closet

In the 1950s the glamour of Chanel No. 5 was reignited by Monroe, whose unsolicited endorsement of the fragrance provided invaluable publicity.
        Soap 2
“What do I wear in bed? bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course,” the Daily Mail quoted the Monroe as saying in the ad.
But according to a new discovery, the late actress had a love affair with another perfume, one which she had kept very secret.The actress may have died almost 50 years ago, but fresh secrets are constantly unearthed.Prompted by the 50th anniversary of Monroe’s death in August 1962, and the opening of the Marilyn exhibition at the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Florence, British perfume house Floris dipped into its customer archives and made a very exciting discovery.The Floris team came across a previously unreleased receipt from Monroe then known as Marilyn Monroe Miller, ordering six bottles of Floris Rose Geranium eau de toilette in 1959 under the false name of a Dorothy Blass, Monroe’s personal secretary.
marilyn colorized
The perfumes were to be sent from the Floris shop in Jermyn Street, London to the Beverly Hills Hotel in California, where Monroe had stayed while filming one of her most famous movies, ‘Some Like It Hot’.Monroe’s secret perfume preference conjures gorgeous interplay of rose, geranium, citronella and cedarwood.
Norma Jeans’ Closet has recreated these ingredients in a soap.  There is no other in the world so enjoy it and give it as a special gift
seip 2

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