The importance of teamwork cannot be underestimated, especially in a business environment where a group of people are working together to achieve set goals. The successful outcome of their teamwork will reflect upon their individual abilities, their performance as a unit and on the company as a whole.

It is not always possible to choose the members of a team who will be working with you on a project. As this might be already done for you, the next best thing you can do is get the group together and work out a plan on how you all hope to achieve your goals. This will give you an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals in the team and the fields in which they specialise in or feel comfortable working. Having a range of different skills and personalities working together can be a bonus especially if each member of team is straight forward and honest about his abilities and is happy in the role that he will be assigned in the team. 

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Communication with one another is an important part of good teamwork and a group of people who share information and ideas freely with one another have a definite advantage in achieving what they have set out to do. Ideas should be communicated across all levels of the group so that a supervisor or team manager knows exactly what the others are feeling and their views are at every stage of their work. Coordinating and cooperating with each other are a direct result of good communication and the more easily information is shared the more responsive and proactive is the group. 

Having respect for one another is a good foundation for any team as is encouragement, support and appreciation for each other’s efforts. Having favourites and ignoring some members of the team creates divisions and animosity and will bring about negativity; an attribute any good team can do without. Moreover being clear about each team member’s duties will ensure that there is no chance of anyone taking over someone else’s duties and undermining their efforts. 

Good teamwork also reflects on company policies as each one is interdependent upon the other in order to work in harmony. The company has a responsibility in ensuring that all that is required to make a project work is provided for the team so that they have the best tools to get the best results. Providing a favourable environment to work in, offering training, help and support when required are some of the ways the company can help its staff to achieve the goals it desires. 


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Giving each member equal and shared responsibility means work load is divided and no one person feels he is being asked to do more than the other team members. Helping one another and sharing tasks is a good way of learning about the roles of the other team members and being able to help if the need should arise. This can also enable work to be completed on time within any deadlines set by the company.  This does not mean that team members are not accountable for their own actions. Understanding the responsibility that lies with every person in the team is what makes the team work as a unit.

Having social interaction with each other outside office hours can provide team members with the opportunity to get to know one another better. It is also a way of taking pressure off and not allowing the stress of work to build up and lead to arguments or frictions between team members. Listening to one another, boosting each other’s morale and regular feedback will keep a team united and focused on the successful completion of any company goal. In achieving their objectives, each member of the group will also feel a sense of achievement for the personal input he has put into the team’s successful outcome.

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There is no i in Team


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