From Beautiful Imperfection to Ingenious Madness

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From Beautiful Imperfection to Ingenious Madness

We people (not you or me but all the others ofcourse ;)) tend to strive to perfection

But as Marilyn Monroe once said: “Imperfection is beauty” she really struck lightning with that quote.

She was ever so right

We have created a society where we frighten each other with perfection targets.

And while there is nothing wrong with striving to perfection, it’s starting to get scary if it becomes a goal instead of a means.

Let’s give each other room for finding the next perfection level but don’t make it a frightening target because this will in fact create the opposite effect.

People will stop their ingenious madness which could lead to new breakthrough ideas (of which we never can have enough in this crisis-led society).

So please be forgiving in your attempt to try to control renewal.

Or even better: stop trying to control it at all; just wait and see and let innovations happen and learn from them.


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