Consignment Stores Finds – The Piece that No One Else Has!

Consignment Stores Finds – The Piece that No One Else Has!

Perks of a Consignment Store


Picture this: it’s the night of the black tie event that you’ve been looking forward to for months. You’ve spent hours shopping for the perfect gown, and now that you’re all dressed up, you look stunning. Excited to show off your new dress, you walk into the hall…

Only to be met by someone wearing the exact same one!

Consignment Store Perk #1 – Don’t Get Caught Wearing The Same Thing

dress 01



When you shop at non-consignment stores, like the mall or department stores, you’re buying clothes that everyone else is wearing.  At our consignment store, you’ll find items from Toronto, the United States, and even Europe…and since these consignment clothes are no longer being made, the chances that someone else will be wearing the same consignment clothing are slim to none.

Consignment Store Perk #2 – Colour Choice

It happens every year – the fashion gurus decide on the colour pallet for the season. If you don’t like it, you’re out of luck at the mall; all the non-consignment stores are carrying the same colours. In our Kitchener consignment store, all of our consignment clothing comes in a wide variety of colours, so you can find the colour that works for you – rather than the manikin.

Consignment Store Perk #3 – Create Your Own Style

There are fashion followers – and fashion leaders. When you shop at consignment stores, you can create your own style with one-of-a-kind consignment clothing. Whether you want to be a fearless trend-setter, or just add your own unique flair to the current styles, consignment stores give you options that non-consignment department stores do not. At Carousel Consignment Clothing, we’re always happy to help you find the right pieces to complete your look. Click here for our latest consignment clothing deals.


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